Jeannine Swallow | Image Maker

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Jeannine Swallow is a photographic artist from Buffalo, NY.  She attended the University at Buffalo’s Visual Arts Program. Where she studied contemporary art and theory, creating a conceptual framework to analyze her work. At this time digital was gaining popularity, but Swallow felt it cold, then making the conscious decision to shoot film. Film created a connection to the image, something tangible.

Our minds long to be in the know. To create sense and make definitive shapes from the objects we see. A mind becomes restless when it can not visually read what is before it. My work often challenges that, pushing the viewer to create new interpretations. It is executed within a Pictorial state of mind. Inspiring in others a shift in perception. Rather than creating an image that is easily digested, I want to create something that sparks curiosity. Ignites wonder in an otherwise digital and plastic world.

Using traditional analogue techniques, adds a sense of vulnerability. An anticipation for the unknown. Letting go of control, the film is affected by a variety of elements. Each step an integral and precious part of the process

Each moment offering a new perspective on reality. I’m interested in using the camera as a tool to observe the unseeable. To witness a bit of magic in a world where convenience and speed take precedence. Layering the image by means of multiple exposure and, or alternative development techniques- creates an unseen world. A visual document of a purposeful, yet serendipitous image. As it becomes one with the imperfections and irregularities during the stages of development. Images are created in camera and in the dark room, the process being entirely organic. The natural shapes within the landscapes collide with those of artist process. Where they combine, a new reality exists. I like to think a type of possibility lives there.